Winter, 2009


Dearest Friends,

May the Lord give you His peace!

One of our priests in a recent homily asked the question, “If you had only one wish, what would it be?” My answer came quickly and certainly, “Of course, I’d wish for eternal life for myself and for every soul on earth.” I thought further, “I’m sure if I asked each sister they would answer in the very same way!” It was the wish of Saint Francis that “Love be loved”; and it is the wish of God the Father Who sent His only Son to earth that we might have life and have it more abundantly, now and for all eternity. I know for sure that each and every sister has been touched in a significant way by the love of God. Our greatest desire is to bring this “Good News” to all we meet and to share God’s loving kindness through works of mercy, especially in ministry to God’s beloved poor.

That is why we are so excited about our new mission to England. We have come, by the grace of God, to another milestone in our Community. On September 24, Feast of Our Lady of Walsingham, we celebrated a Mass of Dedication for our first mission. At the gracious invitation of Bishop Arthur Roche, we’ve sent our first four missionaries to open St. Joseph Convent in Leeds, England. This convent is very near to our brothers at St. Pio Friary in Bradford. We thank Bishop Roche for his kind invitation and we are also thankful to God for being so well-received by the people of this area.

Opening this first mission is a sign of the maturing of our call to be “pilgrims and strangers” in this world. By the grace of God, we are striving to love all and to assist all, as we look forward to the “prize” which awaits us in heaven. For now, there is so much more to do, and “The Love of Christ Impels Us!”

Faithfully in Jesus and Mary,

Sr. Lucille
and all your Franciscan Sisters of the Renewal

Leeds convent

Pictured above with Bishop Arthur Roche on the day of the Dedication of St. Joseph Convent, the CFR Sisters’ First Mission, are: Fr. Andrew Apostoli, Fr. Bernard Murphy, Sr. Catherine, Sr. Jacinta, Sr. Lucille Cutrone and Sr. Clare Matthiass.
Leeds Sisters
“How can they hear without someone to preach? And how can people preach unless they are sent?” (Rom 10: 14b-15a).
Sr. Catherine Holum, Sr. Jacinta Pollard, Sr. Felicity Bouchard, and Sr. Mary Pieta Geier (pictured below) have been sent to add their voices to the many in England (including our friars) proclaiming the “Good News.”
First Vows embratio
Sr. Felicity vows
(above, left) When a new class enters as complete strangers in September, it is only the call and the desire to follow Jesus that unites them. By first vows, strangers have become Sisters and the familial bond is deep. This photo captures a glimpse of the fraternal love between Sr. Faustina, Sr. Veronica and Sr. Felicity who professed vows September 19, 2009.

(right) The bridal white of the novice veil is replaced with the black veil symbolizing the consecration of the professed Sister. Sr. Felicity is pictured here receiving the veil on the day of her first vows.



St. Felix streetfest
Summer Camp

(above, left) Sr. Faustina and Sr. Veronica give their rapt attention to this young inquisitor. A listening heart and sincere concern go a long way with young people - indeed with all people! Our novices learn quickly that listening is the first step in evangelization.

(right) We all need good examples - footprints in which to follow on our pilgrimage of faith. We have the privilege of guiding many children in their discovery of God through our “Upper Room” youth ministry and our summer youth program. Sr. Miriam is pictured here during our “Be a Hero - Be a Saint” Summer Bible program.

Fr. Andrew
Soup Kitchen

(above, left) Two young altar servers get valuable training with Fr. Andrew as he celebrates Holy Mass for the children.

(above, right) Sr. Elizabeth, Sr. Bernadette, Sr. Francis, Sr. Monica, Sr. Mairead and Sr. Francesca are pictured with aprons on, food prepared, table set and the doors to the Father Solanus Kitchen ready to swing wide open on Thanksgiving Day - the one-year Anniversary of the kitchen’s first meal served. Thanks be to God for one year of giving food to the hungry and drink to the thirsty... May He grant us many, many more years of service!

Sr. Elizabeth

(above, left) Sr. Elizabeth is pictured with one of our “Upper Room” regulars.

(above, right) Every year we marvel at the family only God would bring together. A musician from Kansas, a sales rep. from New Jersey, a shrine director from Wisconsin, a veterinarian assistant from Texas, an interior decorator from the Dominican Republic, and a teacher from New Mexico could only be brought together by a Divine Call! Our candidates: (top, l-r) Mary Belanus, Carolyn Norbut, Susan Swanke, (front, l-r) Heather Konkel, Eileen Lora, and Amanda Chavez are pictured here with Sr. Clare and Sr. Cecilia.


Sr. Lucille's family

(above, left) Radiant with expectation, our Postulants kneel before Our Lord exposed in the Blessed Sacrament ready to receive the Holy Habit of Saint Francis on the Investiture Day: August 15, 2009. Our new novices are: Sr. Guadalupe Madgalena, Sr. Mercy Faustina, Sr. Ruth Thérèse and Sr. Kelly Francis.

(above, right) Sr. Lucille (center) is pictured here with grand-niece & nephew, Hannah & Jack, and Sr. Maria Teresa, Sr. Miriam, Sr. Agnes, and several of the novices at a family wedding.